What is a Fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are toys initially created to relieve stress. This toy helps to calm nerves and helps you to relax; it also helps to ease anxiety. Most hand spinners have bearing in the middle and are either made of steel, copper, plastic, brass or titanium. They are specially designed to help people with concentration problem, anxiety, ADHD, stress, autism.

Fidget spinners are in great demand and are not only used by children but by people of all age groups. Invented in 1990, the demand rose in the year 2017. It gained good market in 2017 due to health benefits given by the toys and fun factor of it. The toy is in demand and has become popular among children. Some schools even banned it.

There were incidents where instead of focusing in class, kids used to play with their hand spinner and teachers had to ban it. It has a bearing in the centre and it comes with one to multiple pronged versions. It has to be held with the center bearing and the toy spins in your hands. Some spinners are 3D printed. Spin time, noise and vibrations can be adjusted according to hand and sensory feedback.

The most basic design looks like a ceiling fan; just smaller in size. It has a disc in middle with one to several arms, which spins in your hands. Due to its small size, the toy could be played with without anyone noticing it.

If you are handy with your hands, the spinner can spin for minutes. The main motive of these toys earlier was to help people with ADD or people who could not concentrate.

Such people found it helpful while they were playing with it and focused on it while the toy was spinning. But later on, people without any mental anomalies also started purchasing it.

The product is now made available in different colors, different attractive finishes and different shapes of the toy like star, batman, or snowflakes.

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